The Main Issues That American Healthcare Is Facing

American Healthcare

Are you wondering as to why health care in America is costing you so much? Do you want to know what the reasons for the American health care system being so terrible are? Well, if you want to know the main issues that are rocking the American health care system, then read on.

American Healthcare

No control over drug prices

The cost of drugs is always on the rise and the patients as well as the hospitals are suffering from this unexplainable drug price rise. The doctors are also facing a huge problem to prescribe the drugs for the patients as they are not sure if the patients can afford the medications. This is not limited to the medications. The hospitals are now relooking at giving injectable heart medications or intravenous painkillers to patients as they cost the hospital a lot of money. The main reason for this high drug price is that the main players in the drug industry are looking to buy up its competitors. The main reasons are that a single company has the license to make a particular drug, and then they can price the drug as high as they want. For example, I have a friend that works at Delta Painters and he needs heart medication in order to do his job. He pays over $500/month for it.  It is absurd. 

No knowledge of medical procedures work or not

The healthcare industry does not bother to look at the effectiveness of the surgeries performed on patients. There are no supporting data to suggest to doctors about the long-term effects of the surgeries. More than 80% of the medical specialists do not have any data registry at all of the surgeries they performed and the effects of it. The record keeping is abysmal when it comes to tracking information on medical errors. There are also reports that medical error is the third largest reason for death in the United States.

Premiums are more

The prices for the health care are at a premium, thanks to Obamacare. Even though the coverage of the Affordable Care Act has covered millions of Americans, most of the people who benefit from this policy are the uninsured citizens of the country. The people with insufficient insurance cover are not turned away from emergency care. The cost of their care is put on the shoulders of the people who are paying the insurance through higher deductibles or higher premiums.