The Main Issues That American Healthcare Is Facing

American Healthcare

Are you wondering as to why health care in America is costing you so much? Do you want to know what the reasons for the American health care system being so terrible are? Well, if you want to know the main issues that are rocking the American health care system, then read on.

American Healthcare

No control over drug prices

The cost of drugs is always on the rise and the patients as well as the hospitals are suffering from this unexplainable drug price rise. The doctors are also facing a huge problem to prescribe the drugs for the patients as they are not sure if the patients can afford the medications. This is not limited to the medications. The hospitals are now relooking at giving injectable heart medications or intravenous painkillers to patients as they cost the hospital a lot of money. The main reason for this high drug price is that the main players in the drug industry are looking to buy up its competitors. The main reasons are that a single company has the license to make a particular drug, and then they can price the drug as high as they want. For example, I have a friend that works at Delta Painters and he needs heart medication in order to do his job. He pays over $500/month for it.  It is absurd. 

No knowledge of medical procedures work or not

The healthcare industry does not bother to look at the effectiveness of the surgeries performed on patients. There are no supporting data to suggest to doctors about the long-term effects of the surgeries. More than 80% of the medical specialists do not have any data registry at all of the surgeries they performed and the effects of it. The record keeping is abysmal when it comes to tracking information on medical errors. There are also reports that medical error is the third largest reason for death in the United States.

Premiums are more

The prices for the health care are at a premium, thanks to Obamacare. Even though the coverage of the Affordable Care Act has covered millions of Americans, most of the people who benefit from this policy are the uninsured citizens of the country. The people with insufficient insurance cover are not turned away from emergency care. The cost of their care is put on the shoulders of the people who are paying the insurance through higher deductibles or higher premiums.

What Is The Main Problem With The US Healthcare System?

US Healthcare System

There is a lot of money that the United States of America is spending on health than any other country in the world. But, despite spending so much of money on health care, the return on this health investment is very less. There is a continuous urge to stop diseases before it starts. This is a herculean task, but one that can be achieved.

US Healthcare System

By looking to stop the disease before it starts, no one wants to sideline the doctors and the hospitals. There is no doubt that the hospitals and the doctors are the only people who can serve us when disease strikes. It is only that steps need to be taken to prevent the disease from occurring and it should not happen at the expense of cure.

The investment in the health as against the curative care is not at a balance. In fact, in the US the investments on health care are strongly in favor of the cure. If there is no prevention of the disease, then spending on the cure will be more. It is important to look at preventing diseases and investing in prevention of diseases so that the amount spent on the cure will drastically reduce.

The focus should be on the health of the US population. The less the disease, the more beneficial it will be for all concerned. There is no doubt that America has the best medical care on offer in the world. It is important to give due importance and place a high value on the health. It is very important to emphasize the well-being and to take steps in making sure that everyone lives in a healthy and peaceful environment that is free from diseases. The prevention and the cure should be working hand in hand and not one above the other in order to make the country a safer and healthier one.

The Status Of Mental Healthcare In The US

Mental Healthcare

There is a huge rise in the number of people suffering from mental illness in the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has said that over 9.8 million adults over the age of 18 years have suffered from a serious mental illness that affects their day to day functioning in 2015. This is about 4% of America’s overall population. One in every five children in the US suffers from some sort of mental illness at some point in their lives. There is no doubt that the people suffering from mental disorders and problems are on the rise. There should be a system ready to take care of such patients. But, this is not the case here. A patient suffering from mental illness does not get the help that easily. It is not as easy as referring a patient to a specialized doctor in the case of a mentally ill patient.

Mental Healthcare

Does mental healthcare offer the necessary assistance?

If you take a look at the broader perspective, then you can say that the mental health care is failing the American patients and do not offer the care that they need.

  •    No options for emergencies

If you are suffering from a chest pain or any other health condition, you can seek immediate help from 9-1-1. But, there is no solid helpline in place for patients who are suffering from suicidal thoughts. There are certain crisis intervention numbers that one can call. But, these services are there to just tell if a patient needs emergency services to treat his or her mental illness or to get admitted to a mental hospital. People do not know the ways and means of how to help a person suffering from mental disorder.

  •    Not taken seriously

The mental illness patients are not treated with the same importance given to people suffering from physical illness. But, there might be several cases of physical illness patients suffering from mental illness as well. Often, not treating the mental illness and just looking at the physical illness has resulted in patients dying, despite medical care.

  •    Non-acceptance of insurances

There are many doctors who do not accept certain insurances as they will be losing money when they treat patients with certain insurances. It is a time that the insurance companies put some light into this matter and offer better reimbursement for the specialists treating such mental issue cases.

  •    Mental counseling services are not covered

The patients suffering from mental illness do not need expensive medications and therapies to treat their issues. They would need to sit for several sessions with the mentalist to solve the issues that they are facing in life. These sittings cost a lot of money and they are not covered by insurance.

Tips On How To Navigate The Multifaceted Healthcare System

Healthcare System

The insurance companies have an asset of guidelines that the patient must follow so that they get considered for the test. For a patient suffering from a pain in the neck and numbness of the shoulders should first do an x-ray for the condition and then undergo physiotherapy before they go for further tests that will be covered by the insurance. But, this is not actually the proper treatment as there has not been proper diagnosis done on the patient. The patient might be suffering from cervical spondylosis which needs further scans and tests to reveal the exact medical condition. The physical therapy might not be the solution to the problem at all.

Healthcare System

The confusing health care plans

The healthcare maze is a very difficult puzzle to solve for the common man. There are plenty of healthcare plans on offer like Medicaid, POS, HMO, Medicare, etc. In fact, the coverage will vary depending on the typo e plan you have chosen. There will be changes in the deductibles, what the insurance covers, copays, etc., in each of these plans. It is way too difficult for the common man to understand what each policy covers as there is no guide to show what each plan means.

How to understand the health care system?

The following are some of the ways a common man and a patient can tackle and understand the complex health care system.

Patient empowerment

Knowledge about health care plans and systems is the key. It is very important for the patients to get educated about the health care system. This is the only way they will get to know the plans and systems better. They should know the best treatment options so that they can make better choices. The patients must be aware of the type of coverage that can get. Knowing the plan better and the medical conditions, it covers will keep you in good stead and also get the necessary coverage for those medical conditions.

Fight for the service

It is very important that you fight for your rights. If the service or coverage for a certain medical condition is needed and the insurance company denies it, then you should not shy away. Fight for your cause. Make phone calls to the firm and also file appeals for the same. You should do whatever is possible to get what you deserve. Most of the insurance companies are working that the patients will give up their cause once they are denied coverage.

Look for patient advocates

There are many people who offer the necessary advice and guidance for the patients. It is not that easy to find these people. But, if you are in need of them, then you will have to find a way to locate them. They will provide you with all the details pertaining to your health care plan. There are some doctors who can offer you advice and guidance on health care plans.